5M Silicon Tubing For 8MM SMD 3528 5050 LED Light Strip Waterproof


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5M Silicon Tubing For 8MM SMD 3528 5050 LED Light Strip Waterproof

Name of Product: 5 meter of silicon tubing (equivalent of 16.4 ft)
Color: Transparent
Material: Silicon
Used for: 8MM 3528/5050 led strip
Application: Led strip lighting


1. The latest version silicon tubing, there is a rope in tubing. As long as pull the rope when you want to install the strip into the tubing. Easy to install.
2.Environmental protection (SGS), no toxic substances.
3.Comply with ROHS/US FDA, Germany and France DGCCRF LMBG safety standards
4.Stronger tightness, good light transmission and waterproof.
5.Oil, Temperature (-60 ℃ to 200 ℃) resistance, Anti-aging.
6.Soft and endowed with elastic.

Package Included:
1 x 5M LED Strip Silicone Tube

Kindly Reminder:
8mm silicone tubing for use with non-weatherproof strips that are less than 8mm in diameter to create a waterproof product. 
Use tubing in conjunction with silicone end caps and glue/sealant. Multiple quantities will come as one continuous tube.

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