Amass XT150 Connector Plug 6mm Gold-plated Banana Plug


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Amass XT150 Connector Plug 6mm Gold-plated Banana Plug


Item name: Amass Gold-plated Banana Plug 6mm XT150
Item NO.: XT150
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Red,Blue,Black
Usage: for large helicopter, large electric fixed-wing helicopter, high-current electric ship model, large saloon cars such as electric cars and other high current plug occasions.


1. precision mold manufacturing
2. ladder-shaped slot design, merging separate trapezoidal design, demolition and more convenient.
3. jacket tail skid design.
4. furrow type tail design that can accommodate 8-10awg silicone line.
5. super-retardant nylon, high temperature, suitable for longer life.
6. longer thicker 6.0mm gold-plated banana plugs can last 100A current, 10 seconds Peak 150A
7. can always merge + split sheath, a separate plug can reduce simultaneously swap two 6.0mm banana plug resistance, user-friendly design.

Package Inculded:

3 x Amass Plugs
3 x Banana Plugs

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