Car DRL Daytime Running Light Dimmer Dimming Relay Control Switch


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Car DRL Daytime Running Light Dimmer Dimming Relay Control Switch Harness 12V


Input voltage:12V;
Output Voltage:12V
Instructions Not Included.
Suitable for all models using modified LED daytime running lights.
This kit will allow you to connect your DRL lights so that
when you start the car the lights turn on and then when you turn you headlights on the DRL will Dimming!


Steering, strobe, delay, dim or eliminate light.
When start up the DRL light of the car,car delay 28 seconds after the lights extinguished,convenient home lighting function.
When open the headlight at night,daytime running lights half brightness;it is the EU standards, safety performance improvement.
When you press the speaker horn,daytime running lights appear Strobe phenomena.


Red line — Car Battery Positive
Black line — Car Battery Negative
Blue line — ACC Delay Lighting
White line — Headlight
Green line — Strobe
Two yellow lines –Left / Right Turn Signal

Package included:

1 x DRL Control Switch Harness

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