Fishing Lures Maggot Nereid Pill Hook Baits With 3 Different Flavors


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Model Name: Simulation Lures( Green Neries Lures, Maggot Lures, Pill Lures)
Material: soft sillicone
Weight: 24g/box
Box Dimension:5.5cm x 4cm x 2.7cm
Lures length:
Neries: 8.5cm
Maggot: white

Three different baits scents could attract fish to bite
Stronger handmade,It is not easy to fall off from the hooks
Be suitable for saltwater and fresh water
The shape and dimension imitate the real insect at high technology level,increase your catches and create more fun

Packaged Includes:
1 x  fishing lures/box

Keep the producs out of the reach of the children.the product is highly simulation
Do no put the difference color softlure in one container,it  will be dyed
Put in cool and dry place,keep away from sunlight and high temprature
The products could no use in any other place except fishing
Deal with hooks carefully,keep the fishing lures clean after using.

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