Xaricraft XMission Multi-Task Weatherproof UAV System Quadcopter


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Xaricraft XMission Multi-Task Weatherproof UAV System Quadcopter

XMission utilises the most sophisticated UAV manufacturing technology with the best materials on the planet, it can adapt to most of the weather and the natural environment. Highly modular airframe components make it convenient to carry and quick disassembling. All-in-one ground control task pad can participate in task quickly without professional operation training.
Brand: Xaricraft 
Item name: XMission Multi-Task Weatherproof UAV System
Wheel base: 550mm 
Propeller: 14"
Weight: 1.95kg
Max. Payload: 1kg
Operating temmerature: -20℃~60℃
Motor: X3510 460KV
ESC: 30A smart ESC
Weatherproof Aerial Platform: All-in-one aircraft body, high performance aerodynamic design, optimizing endurance, minimise aircraft noise. Aviation grade manufacturing process, high strength, low power consumption. Patented quick assembly structure, ready to fly in 60 seconds. Intelligent battery management and recharging system.
Quick Release Smart Payload: Industrial/Military payload design, safe and durable. Multi-task modules for various of tasks. Built-in data link, image and video realtime sharing.
Ground Control Task Pad: Highly integrated task control with both joystick and touch screen. Flight information and aerial vision display. Dual-band transmission with zero delay or interference.
Flight Information Cloud Base
Patented quick assembly structure, ready to fly in 60 seconds.
Fusional positioning system
Sonar height positioning
Intelligent image homing guidance
Realtime flight tracking
Aircraft status management
Emergency positioning support
Package included:
1 x XMission Multi-Task UAV System Quadcopter
1 x quadcopter battery
1 x Transmitter

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