XTAR VI01 USB Current/Voltage Detector For Battery Power Bank


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The Xtar VI01 is a USB device with a built-in through port, so you can connect it in-line with a USB power source and measure the voltage and current directly. The built-in LCD display on the VI01 alternates between voltage and current, therefore allowing you to work out the power output of the device that you have connected, very useful for determining the wattage and capacity of certain devices such as a power bank,AC adaptor, PC port and etc…

1.Can be measuring the output voltage and current from a USB port device, eg: Power back, USB port adpator and etc…
2.LCD display shows the voltage and current to makes you easily aware the accurate information about the power device.
3.Display a accurate inforamtion, the precision is +/- 0.02V and +/-0.02A
Size:64.5 x 21 x 14.5mm(length x width x height)

Package included:
1 x XTAR VI01 Power Bank Current/Voltage Detector

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